Indra Aziz with Paulinho Garcia at Java Jazz Festival 2020

Indra Aziz is a jazz and soul singer-songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia. He is also known in Indonesia as a celebrity vocal trainer. To the younger audience, Indra is a popular music YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers on his channel VokalPlus. Indra started performing professionally in 2001, singing and playing saxophones in jazz clubs and festivals throughout the country. In 2006, Indra released his first single Jakarta City Blues which got nominated for The Best Jazz Production in AMI Awards.

Indra’s music is heavily influenced by jazz and soul-rock traditions. John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Frank Sinatra, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, and The Black Crowes are some of Indra’s favorite artists. When writing his lyrics, he’s mostly inspired by life and love stories. In the early days of his performing career, he often sings jazz standard tunes in regular gigs singing songs from the American Songbook repertoire as well as Broadway musicals. But he also has a soul-rock jam band, Souleh & Soulehah (with Nikita Dompas, Rayen Sunito, & Mono Neurotic) where he feeds his lust for the more upbeat and funky grooves. Indra also likes to experiment every once in a while, he had a jazz quartet with a human beatboxer, Beatbop Project (with Riza Arshad, Indra Perkasa, and Billy BdaBX).

Indra didn’t do many recordings prior to his latest album For Good (2018), he’s more focused on performing and doing other music projects, but he did release a few singles, and got featured in a number of compilations. Some of the releases include Pembohong (single, 2013), Siapa Namanya, Pilih Menantu duet with Danilla (Aransemen Ulang Musik Film Tiga Dara, 2016), and Sabda Alam (Ricky Lionardi’s Senandung Indonesia, 2018).

Outside of his performing and recording, Indra founded VokalPlus, a popular content creation brand with over 1m subscribers on YouTube, and 320k followers on Instagram, making and curating vocal-related content on social media, and with VokalPlus he also produced vocal training CDs and mobile apps.

As a vocal trainer, Indra has worked with many of Indonesia’s biggest names including Agnez Mo, Afgan, Raisa, Ari Lasso, Yuni Shara, Rossa, and more. Indra was also the official trainer for famous TV programs such as Indonesian Idol, The Voice Indonesia, X-Factor Indonesia.